Fifteen years of expertise in commercial and prime real estate. A sustainable expert.

In 2008, Rémy Makinadjian’s group became REALEASE. Rémy Makinadjian had already worked for many years with several renowned international brands and on real estate projects of every scale.

The success of the company, whose expertise is based on more than 15 years of experience in commercial and prime real estate, is due to Rémy Makinadjian.

Rémy Makinadjian surrounded himself with a team of professionals who allow him to offer a high level of expertise and reactivity meeting the requirements of his customers.

REALEASE’s strategy aims at carrying out very high standard real estate projects.

As a property developer and investor, REALEASE buys real estate goods with the intention of increasing their value, in order to rent them or resell them afterwards.

REALEASE relies on a network of partners: architects, developers, brokers, landscapists, paysagistes, decorators, international designers…

Each year, REALEASE is present at the trade shows MAPIC, MIPIM et SIMI.

Who are we?

A multi-product real-estate developer

As a commercial real estate investment company and a property developer, REALEASE focuses on two main asset classes: commercial and housing markets.

REALEASE has the necessary expertise on each of these markets to develop, commercialise and manage its real estate assets.

Based in Paris and in Provence, REALEASE combines sustainable income as a commercial real estate company and added value as a developer.

Therefore, our real estate assets are the base on which our expertise as a developer exerts leverage in order to strengthen our overall performance.


Our values

Harmony and art of living

Shops, residential buildings and hotels form an integral part of urban landscape and take part in the life of the city. A place in harmony with its environment and its occupiers contributes towards the “art of living in the city”.

We pay close attention to this balance. We take into account this essential aspect in each of our projetcs. All our projects develop through a long term vision, with a sustainable property integration in prospect.