Potential analysis

Before acquiring a real estate asset, we carry out an extensive review of the potentiality and overall commercial attractiveness of the sector.

This review is based on a thorough analysis of different characteristics: location, visibility, attractivity of the area, its quality standard, future profitability rates and of course the immediate commercial surroundings.

We intend to facilitate the establishment of retail names on number one locations in city centers.


Integration into the city

Analysing the properties’ potential also takes into account more general but essential factors: the evolution of consumption patterns.

As a real estate company specialized in commercial investment, REALEASE makes it a point of honor to pay close attention to these changes and, more generally, to this new way of living in the city.

These transformations are part of the criteria to be considered when assessing the economic environment of developing areas.

Leasing retail spaces

Selecting the commercial brands which might rent the real estate assets we have acquired also requires specific skills.

When exploring areas with a potential, our analyses focus on the appropriateness of the identified retail name with consumer typology, range level and location of other retailers established in the relevant catchment area, along with the profitability analysis.



Concerning retail parks, in particular, REALEASE explores different areas, creates the architectural project meeting municipalities’ needs, designs it, develops it and then commercializes it.